What's this all about?

I built GameFruit in my spare time during the 2020 pandemic. I had thought about creating a game collecting app a few times over the years but never really followed through past the idea phase. I expected it to take at least a few months of near full-time coding and on top of working a day job, running Arcade Supply Co, it just didn't seem like a worthy goal for my less than copious amounts of free time.

Being stuck at home in quarantine as some up-sides!

So the problem was no longer time, but what about all the other game collecting sites and apps? What could I offer that they don't?

To be continued...

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GameFruit a social platform for tracking your video game collection. It features a large database with over 40,000 titles/releases and continues to grow! Connect with friends and watch their collection activities, start a discussion, or buy, sell, and trade games and collectables in the soon to be launched GameFruit Marketplace!

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