You'll need R.O.B. - the world's first Robotic Operating Buddy - to play this action-packed game! You've got to keep R.O.B.'s gyroscope spinning in order to help a mad scientist deactivate all the dynamite in his laboratory. You'll move columns up and down to speed the scientist on his way while trying to avoid the lethal Smicks. And you'll get him to his dynamite even faster if you can get R.O.B. to spin two gyros at the same time! But don't take your eyes off the scientist, because anything can happen in GYROMITE! Where two hands and one pair of eyes aren't always enough!

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Total Releases
Release Date
June 1986
Single player


Release Title Release Type Release Date Region / Country Langauge
Retail PAL Image Retail PAL

No description

Retail June 1986 PAL / EU
5 Screw NTSC Image 5 Screw NTSC

Cartridge with 5 screws instead of 3. This was the earlier (pre 1988) production run.

Retail 1985 NTSC
3 Screw NTSC Image 3 Screw NTSC

Post 1988 production.

Retail 1988 NTSC / NA



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