The player can choose between four different golfers with varying advantages and disadvantages. Lee Trevino (who lent his endorsement to this North American NES version of the game) is playable (only in the North American version) as a character named Super Mex (an actual nickname of his; the Japanese version uses a character named Birdie Tommy in place of Trevino himself); other characters include Pretty Amy/Eri, Miracle Chosuke and Big Jumbo. Pretty Amy has limited range, but the easiest control ("control" refers to the length of the aiming guide). Miracle Chosuke and Super Mex have average attributes. Big Jumbo has the best range, but the worst control. Despite the title, which is a mistranslation, no fighting is involved in the game. The player has to avoid sand traps, water hazards, rough ground and trees.
Not specified

1 - 2 Players

Nintendo NES



Total Releases

Retail PAL

Released: May 1990


3 Screw NTSC

Released: Sep 1988


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Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf

Nintendo NES

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