Start your engines, gamers. You're now in the driver's seat of your dream Corvette. Choose from more than 80 authentic Corvettes, with models ranging from 1953 through today. Race on various tracks, hang on tightly as you round corners and dodge all obstacles in your path. To gain an edge, upgrade your Corvette's engine and suspension. Drive as one of six characters, and choose from 15 official car colors and racing environments. Play in Heritage Mode, which lets you test drive any stock production 'Vette while various camera angles and era-specific HUDS enhance your driving experience. Game features split screen multi-player racing and can be played online using a PS2 Network Adapter (sold separately).
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1 - 2 Players

Sony Playstation 2


Take Two

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Retail NTSC

Released: 2004


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Sony Playstation 2

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